Our Approach

We take a realistic approach to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.  This is a topic that is frequently overrated and oversold, so be careful. We have been approached by SEO firms (yes, offering to sell their services to another web design firm) as well as worked with SEO firms who claim to be "optimizing" your site on a monthly, ongoing basis - but in fact, they aren't doing a thing. 

Some truths about SEO:

  • If nobody is searching for your keywords, investing in SEO will not be able to gain you any extra clicks
  • Quality clicks will almost always deliver a better ROI than quantity clicks.  just because people can get you "more clicks" does not mean that it will be helpful.
  • Placement cannot be guaranteed.  Google's results are ordered based on their own (secret) algorithm.  SEO professionals take "educated guesses" at how the algorithm works, but Google keeps it a secret and is constantly changing it.

Looking for Pricing?
We are now offering ongoing Optimization / SEO / Local SEO plans.  No commitment, no contracts, no hidden fees!  

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Video Walkthrough:

This following video discusses the executive-level reports that are included with our ongoing SEO / optimization service.  

Disclaimer: As usual, my videos are unrehearsed, unscripted, and unedited.

Cancel Any Time

Our monthly SEO plans do not require any long term commitment. 

You can cancel (or renew / update credit card) at any time.

How to cancel your SEO plan (or update your card on file)

  1. Sign in to the Client Login area (scroll to the bottom of this page)
  2. Choose "My Subscriptions" in the client menu
  3. Update your card or cancel your subscription


Note: Your credit card information is NOT stored on our site! 
Recurring billing is handled by our 3rd party payment gateway, Stripe.  


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Optimization & SEO

Let us optimize and manage your overall online presence. We offer full service monthly SEO as well as one-time projects.  

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Maintenance, Patching

White glove monthly backups, security updates, maintenance and testing for your Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla site.

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Bring your web & marketing performance to the next level: monthly blog post roundup via email.  

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